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snake’s STORY

It all started when the punter currently referred to as Snake, tried to make his way in the punting world. Knowing nothing about horses, Snake tried his best to find winners each punter’s day. Somedays he would strike gold, but more often than not, he’d fall flat on his face, much to the bemusement and frustration of his punting partners.

There must be a better way he kept telling himself. Rather than guessing which horse might win from the form guide, surely there is enough data available on the internet to tell me which horse will win. So instead of following a tipster or reading the form guide, Snake decided to dive into all the horse racing data he could find in an effort to find a magic formula.

After collecting and analysing data on over 100,000 horses and races, Snake was able to create a secret formula that took into consideration ratings, weight, age, starts, and more. From this formula, Snake created his own ratings. And now, Snake’s Eye has the ability to find horses that are that much better than the rest of their competition, you’d be foolish not to bet on them.

Whilst past performance can’t always be repeated, Snake has been able to consistently produce 30% returns on investments month after month, by picking the eyes out of every thoroughbred race in Australia.

If you’d like to know which horses Snake has his eye on today, subscribe to Snake’s Eye and get the tips that actually produce returns.

What subscribers receive

Daily Tips

Each day Snake’s Eye collects data and calculates its own special rating. These ratings are applied to every horse in each race. If a horse is that much better than the next best horse in the race, Snake’s Eye identifies it and sends the tip directly to you via email.

Somedays Snake’s Eye won’t be able to identify any worthy bets. However, on other days, you may receive a handful of tips. It all depends on which horses match up against each other, and how much better Snake rates them compared to every other horse in the race.