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February 2023: 49% ROI

    Snake’s Eye is back in a big way!

    Throughout February, Snake’s Eye identified a total of 69 tips. The monthly returns produced a return of $103.10 (based on a $1 bet per tip). Overall, that’s a 49.4% return on investment.

    Snake’s Profitable Ponies smashed it, bringing home a 53.5% ROI from 54 bets. And to back it up, Snake’s Fancied Favourites also killed it, producing a 34.7% ROI from 15 bets.

    Using Snake’s Eye’s Safety Betting Strategy, if you had invested $100 at the start of the month, you could have withdrawn your initial investment on the 3rd. The remaining could have been turned into as much as $499.45 on the 18th, and you could have finished the month with $315.86. That’s an ROI of 315.86%. An awesome bounceback after last month’s loss.

    Comfort Girl won at $10.30

    Tip of the Month

    This month we have to thank Comfort Girl for pulling off a $10.30 win at Strathalbyn on the 15th.

    This win returned our initial deposit and set us on our way for the rest of the month.

    Monthly Streak

    After nothing really last month we made up for it quickly here. The first 13 tips of the month produced 8 winners. This included a $27 treble and a huge $237 treble. Another 11-tip streak produced 6 winners. And we finished the month off with another 6 winners from the last 11 tips of the month, which included $35 double. Despite the winning streaks, there was a dour moment. A week-long 14-tip losing streak did bring some disappointment in an otherwise very rewarding month.

    February’s Snake’s Eye Tips & Results

    DateTrackRaceTipJockeyFinishedPaid (TT+)Tip Type
    Wednesday, 1 February 2023Belmont (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (FM-CL3)#9      Sofia’s Symphony Chris Parnham2ndPP
     Warrnambool (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (3Y-MSW)#10      Queen Air Jarrod Fry1st$1.7FF
    Thursday, 2 February 2023Albury (Track Rating: 8)Race 5 (MAIDEN)#10      Zouzouli Fiona Sandkuhl1st$9.2PP
     Gosford (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#1      Boston City Joshua Parr1st$1.4FF
      Race 5 (BM-64)#6      Fairway Star Rachel King1st$2.1FF
    Friday, 3 February 2023Canberra (Track Rating: 6)Race 4 (BM-60)#2      Saiko Jeff Penza3rdPP
     Moonee Valley (Track Rating: 5)Race 5 (BM-64)#9      Vadaboy Blaike Mcdougall1st$6.4PP
     Port Lincoln (Track Rating: 4)Race 9 (BM-58)#10      Dantela Ben Price1st$6.5PP
     Randwick (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (3Y-MSW)#9      Parisal James Mcdonald1st$1.6FF
     Townsville (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#8      Sea Stitch Pietro Romeo3rdPP
      Race 8 (CLS1)#6      Dawn Strike Jenna Edwards8thPP
     Walcha (Track Rating: 5)Race 4 (MAIDEN)#11      Lanks Brooke Stower1st$5.7PP
      Race 7 (OPEN)#7      Kingstar Bullet Luke Rolls7thPP
    Saturday, 4 February 2023Morphettville (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (BM-72)#6      Gmork Ben Price7thPP
      Race 7 (BM-68)#5      Eaglelou Justin Potter2ndPP
    Sunday, 5 February 2023Ascot (Track Rating: 5)Race 7 (MIN-66)#6      Allmamoney C Johnston-Porter3rdPP
     Sale (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (3Y+MSW)#10      Seydoux Teo Nugent3rdPP
    Monday, 6 February 2023Belmont (Track Rating: 5)Race 7 (3+0MLY)#2      Cartanera Natasha Faithfull10thPP
    Tuesday, 7 February 2023Kembla Grange (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (MDN-SW)#12      Poetic Drama Koby Jennings2ndPP
    Wednesday, 8 February 2023Belmont (Track Rating: 4)Race 4 (3Y+CL1)#1      Luke’s Pierro B Gaerth6thPP
     Eagle Farm (Track Rating: 4)Race 7 (BM-68)#11      Kopangi Ryan Maloney2ndPP
     Gawler (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (CLS1)#6      Excusez Moi S Tomlinson3rdPP
    Thursday, 9 February 2023Wagga (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MDN-SW)#7      Les Goh Molly Bourke1st$6.4PP
      Race 2 (MAIDEN)#8      Aunt Bridge Brendan Ward5thPP
    Friday, 10 February 2023Canterbury (Track Rating: 6)Race 4 (3YB-64)#5      Kazou James Mcdonald3rdFF
     Grafton (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (2YO)#7      One Kind Raymond Spokes1st$2.7FF
     Moonee Valley (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (FMB-70)#7      Liberated Girl Jamie Kah1st$2.6FF
    Saturday, 11 February 2023Newcastle (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (BM-64)#6      Auspicious Cloud Keagan Latham3rdPP
     Randwick (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (BM-72)#16      Another Cognac Brett Prebble3rdPP
     Toowoomba (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (BM-70)#11      Most Dazzling G Cartwright1st$4.4PP
     Tumut (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (MDN-SW)#2      Fox Appeal Jake Duffy1st$1.4FF
    Sunday, 12 February 2023Naracoorte (Track Rating: 4)Race 4 (CL1-SW)#4      I Need A Drink S Tomlinson6thPP
     Werribee (Track Rating: 4)Race 4 (R-58)#10      Let Fly Madison Lloyd1st$6PP
    Monday, 13 February 2023Newcastle (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (MAIDEN)#4      Ausbred Yahoo Cejay Graham5thPP
      Race 7 (BM-66)#12      Lady Fraulein Ashley Morgan7thPP
     Stony Creek (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (FMB-58)#4      Wind Dreamer Joe Bowditch3rdPP
    Wednesday, 15 February 2023Sandown (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (3Y+CL1)#1      Dashing Thomas Stockdale3rdPP
     Strathalbyn (Track Rating: 4)Race 7 (BM-56)#2      Comfort Girl Caitlin Tootell1st$10.3PP
      Race 8 (BM-56)#3      Tavikat Jason Holder2ndPP
    Friday, 17 February 2023Darwin (Track Rating: Good)Race 3 (Error)#4      Chief Mondo Jarrod Todd5thPP
     Wagga (Track Rating: 3)Race 5 (CLS1)#5      Gravy Train Magpie Jeff Penza1st$1.6FF
    Saturday, 18 February 2023Coonabarabran (Track Rating: 3)Race 2 (BM-50)#2      Toongi Bound S Ingelse1st$6.3PP
      Race 4 (MDN-SW)#11      You Like B Osmond3rdFF
     Esperance (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (2Y+CL2)#7      My Boy Chris Andrew Castle2ndPP
     Gosford (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#1      Bundeena Keagan Latham1st$1.3FF
     Pinjarra (Track Rating: 4)Race 9 (MIN-66)#13      Allmamoney C Johnston-Porter5thPP
    Sunday, 19 February 2023Mount Barker (Track Rating: 3)Race 5 (2Y+CL1)#8      Fly Better Kate Witten2ndPP
     Port Lincoln (Track Rating: 4)Race 9 (BM-62)#8      Dantela Ben Price3rdPP
     Taree (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (BM-58)#5      Solarosa Dylan Gibbons4thPP
    Monday, 20 February 2023Armidale (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (CLS1)#4      Metal Bar Brooke Stower3rdPP
     Warrnambool (Track Rating: 4)Race 7 (BM-58)#5      Man Of Heart Josh Cartwright2ndPP
    Wednesday, 22 February 2023Ascot (Track Rating: 0)Race 4 (2+0MLY)#6      Rockstar Status Troy Turner3rdPP
     Launceston (Track Rating: 4)Race 9 (FM-G3)#10      Emily Anthony Darmanin6thPP
     Warwick Farm (Track Rating: 8)Race 3 (FM-MSW)#7      Outlawed Brenton Avdulla2ndFF
      Race 5 (BM-72)#3      Oceanic Flash Brenton Avdulla3rdPP
      Race 7 (BM-72)#2      Rupertaar Cejay Graham3rdPP
    Thursday, 23 February 2023Bathurst (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (MAIDEN)#10      Poppy’s Girl Michael Heagney2ndPP
    Friday, 24 February 2023Canberra (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (BM-60)#2      Nonshalaant Madeleine Wishart3rdPP
      Race 7 (2YO-SW)#7      Allaboutella Alysha Collett2ndFF
     Canterbury (Track Rating: 8)Race 8 (FMB-72)#7      Kazou James Mcdonald1st$1.6FF
     Lismore (Track Rating: 7)Race 3 (FMB-58)#7      Miss Tefe B Wheeler2ndPP
      Race 5 (Error)#7      Goddess Of Peace Matthew Mcguren1st$3.9PP
    Saturday, 25 February 2023Albury (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (BM-58)#3      Old Gregg Jett Stanley1st$4.7PP
      Race 6 (CLS2)#8      Shalook Alysha Collett1st$7.6PP
    Sunday, 26 February 2023Ballarat (Track Rating: 5)Race 6 (BM-64)#1      Ice Pick Nick Lachlan Overall3rdPP
     Pinjarra (Track Rating: 4)Race 9 (2Y+CL1)#4      Beach West Steven Parnham1st$5.5PP
     Terang (Track Rating: 7)Race 8 (R-58)#9      Edgy Era Jarrod Fry3rdPP
    Monday, 27 February 2023Thangool (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (BM-45)#10      Red Gadget Hannah Richardson2ndPP
    Tuesday, 28 February 2023Townsville (Track Rating: 5)Race 3 (3Y-MDN)#5      Blondie’s Secret Lacey Morrison1st$2.2FF

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