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January 2023: 10% ROI

    It’s a slow start to the year, but still a positive start.

    Throughout January, Snake’s Eye identified a total of 39 tips. The monthly returns produced a return of $43.00 (based on a $1 bet per tip). Overall, that’s a 10.3% return on investment.

    Snake’s Profitable Ponies were great this month bringing home a 33.9% ROI from 28 bets. However, Snake’s Fancied Favourites disappointed for the second month in a row, resulting in a -50% ROI from 11 bets.

    Using Snake’s Eye’s Safety Betting Strategy, if you had invested $100 at the start of the month, I’m afraid you would have made your first loss. We never really got close to our withdrawal limit, taking our tally to only as much as $160.06 earlier in the month. You would have finished the month with $65.04. That’s an ROI of -34.96%.

    Head up though. There’s always next month.

    Senegalia won at $7.90

    Tip of the Month

    This month’s Tip of the Month goes to Original Glaze, who her maiden at Warick on the 14th and paid and nifty $9.

    Not a bad way to kick off the year.

    Monthly Streak

    Unfortunately, there weren’t many positive streaks throughout the month. The best came towards the end when 3 out of 4 tips produced some nice winners. But the lowlights overshadowed that little streak. a 7-tip and 10-tip losing streak surrounded our $9 winner to put a real dampener on that inspiring result.

    January’s Snake’s Eye Tips & Results

    DateTrackRaceTipJockeyFinishedPaid (TT+)Tip Type
    Thursday, 5 January 2023Wagga (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (BM-58)#4      Harderthantherest Damon Budler1st$4PPThursday, 5 January 2023
    Friday, 6 January 2023Canterbury (Track Rating: 5)Race 7 (FMB-64)#8      Super Chilled James Mcdonald1st$6.2PPFriday, 6 January 2023
     Mackay (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MDN-SW)#10      Valentina Express Ryan Wiggins5thFFFriday, 6 January 2023
     Orange (Track Rating: 5)Race 8 (BM-58)#9      Neon Moon Mitchell Bell9thPPFriday, 6 January 2023
     Stawell (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (3Y+MSW)#1      Don’t Change Dean Yendall2ndFFFriday, 6 January 2023
     Sunshine Coast (Track Rating: 4)Race 8 (CLS3)#7      Controlocracy Stephanie Thornton2ndPPFriday, 6 January 2023
    Saturday, 7 January 2023Gold Coast (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (FM-C4S)#9      Olentia Jim Byrne4thFFSaturday, 7 January 2023
     Rosehill (Track Rating: 8)Race 4 (BM-72)#8      Baranof Joshua Parr8thPPSaturday, 7 January 2023
     Werribee (Track Rating: 4)Race 4 (R-58)#8      Prophet’s Choice Melissa Julius1st$6PPSaturday, 7 January 2023
     Wyong (Track Rating: 7)Race 2 (BM-64)#5      Celestial Fury Lewis German2ndPPSaturday, 7 January 2023
      Race 4 (FM-CL1)#4      Overriding Ashley Morgan2ndFFSaturday, 7 January 2023
    Sunday, 8 January 2023Warrnambool (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (3Y+MSW)#1      Awol John Allen1st$2.1FFSunday, 8 January 2023
    Tuesday, 10 January 2023Rockhampton (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#3      Empire Club Jackson Murphy4thPPTuesday, 10 January 2023
    Wednesday, 11 January 2023Oakbank (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (4Y+MSW)#8      Crown Moshe Jeffrey Maund11thPPWednesday, 11 January 2023
    Thursday, 12 January 2023Kilcoy (Track Rating: 4)Race 8 (CL2-SW)#10      Russian Warrior Sean Cormack2ndFFThursday, 12 January 2023
     Moruya (Track Rating: 4)Race 4 (MAIDEN)#11      Aspired Ruby Haylock2ndPPThursday, 12 January 2023
     Penola (Track Rating: 4)Race 7 (OPEN)#8      Ahso Ellis Wong7thPPThursday, 12 January 2023
    Friday, 13 January 2023Gosford (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (CLS1)#5      Calm Down Andrew Adkins3rdPPFriday, 13 January 2023
    Saturday, 14 January 2023Ascot (Track Rating: 5)Race 6 (2Y+1MW)#4      Rebelzone C Johnston-Porter6thPPSaturday, 14 January 2023
      Race 9 (GROUP2)#3      Alaskan God Patrick Moloney7thPPSaturday, 14 January 2023
     Flemington (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (GROUP3)#8      Rose Quartz Harry Coffey2ndPPSaturday, 14 January 2023
     Ipswich (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (BM-70)#9      Northuldra Ryan Wiggins2ndFFSaturday, 14 January 2023
     Kilmore (Track Rating: 4)Race 4 (3Y+MSW)#13      Prancing Queen Tom Prebble3rdPPSaturday, 14 January 2023
     Rosehill (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (BM-72)#10      Super Bright Tyler Schiller2ndPPSaturday, 14 January 2023
     Warwick (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (3Y-MDN)#8      Super Exceptional Karl Zechner2ndPPSaturday, 14 January 2023
      Race 3 (MDN-SW)#14      Original Glaze Chris Whiteley1st$9PPSaturday, 14 January 2023
    Monday, 16 January 2023Muswellbrook (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (OPEN)#7      Amazing Nicci Mikayla Weir5thPPMonday, 16 January 2023
    Tuesday, 17 January 2023Newcastle (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (BM-64)#7      Geewiz Johnny Glyn Schofield4thPPTuesday, 17 January 2023
    Wednesday, 18 January 2023Ipswich (Track Rating: 4)Race 7 (CLS2)#11      Arcarius Brodie Loy6thPPWednesday, 18 January 2023
    Thursday, 19 January 2023Pakenham (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (MDN-SW)#10      Tiz My Bay Patrick Moloney6thPPThursday, 19 January 2023
    Friday, 20 January 2023Flemington (Track Rating: 4)Race 7 (R-64)#14      Senegalia Jamie Kah1st$7.9PPFriday, 20 January 2023
    Sunday, 22 January 2023Mornington (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (4Y+MSW)#8      Our Goddess Ben Melham1st$1.4FFSunday, 22 January 2023
    Monday, 23 January 2023Armidale (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (MDN-SW)#10      Suva May Luke Rolls2ndPPMonday, 23 January 2023
     Goulburn (Track Rating: 5)Race 5 (MAIDEN)#5      Aspired Ruby Haylock1st$4.4PPMonday, 23 January 2023
      Race 7 (FM-MSW)#9      Light Press Louise Day5thPPMonday, 23 January 2023
    Monday, 30 January 2023Dubbo (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MDN-SW)#9      Skyforger Ben Looker3rdFFMonday, 30 January 2023
      Race 4 (CL1-SW)#9      Zounile Ben Looker2ndPPMonday, 30 January 2023
    Tuesday, 31 January 2023Kembla Grange (Track Rating: 9)Race 2 (CLS1)#2      Nasdaq Dubai Lee Magorrian4thFFTuesday, 31 January 2023
      Race 6 (MAIDEN)#14      Whisky Wisdom Brock Ryan1st$2FFTuesday, 31 January 2023

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