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January 2024: D’n’A $4k Profit

    Snake’s Fancied Favourites backs up again, Snake’s Profitable Ponies gets a reshape, but the talk is still all about Snake’s D’n’A.

    Throughout January, Snake’s Eye identified a total of a whopping 169 tips. The monthly returns produced a return of $138.80 (based on a $1 bet per tip). Overall, that’s a -17.9% return on investment.

    Snake’s Profitable Ponies got an influx of new bets. I like to call them our magic Magic Maidens. These tips can be a bit hot and cold, but I wanted to include them because when they are hot, get on. Overall, for our Profitable Ponies, we produced $93.00 from 108 tips, a -13% ROI. Tuesday’s Roughies failed to find a winner this month but must count itself unlucky with 6 placings from 16 bets. Place bets produced a 27% ROI. And Snake’s Fancied Favourites did it again, just. From 45 tips we beat the bookies again and produced a 1.8% ROI. That would have been better if we fixed our odds this month, but we’ll take the profits either way.

    Using Snake’s Eye’s Safety Betting Strategy, (not including Tuesday’s Roughies) pocketed again. If you had invested $100 at the start of the month, we could have withdrawn our initial investment on the 1st day of the month. A nice New Year’s present. From there we could have built our kitty up to as much as $230. Back in the back end of the month again our wins spread out and we finished with next to nothing, $2.66. Still, that’s an ROI of 2.66%. Better than nothing.

    Snake’s D’n’A

    Now let’s talk about real results. Snake’s D’n’A went through some tense times, but with that comes great opportunities and we took them. From 107 bets we landed 22 winners at a strike rate of 20%. And whilst our return dollar for dollar would have seen us lose out, we turned $3379 into $7438. That’s a 120% ROI and an extra $4059 more Snake’s D’n’A’s kitty.

    There is a new opportunity to invest throughout February. I suggest you’d be mad not to invest, but that would be irresponsible. So, if you want an opportunity to grow your money and have a lot of fun doing it, I think investing in Snake’s D’n’A is a viable option. If you’d like to invest in Snake’s D’n’A click here.

    Ziggi Rocks makes the year a good one early winning at $9.80

    Tip of the Month

    Tip of the month goes to Ziggi Rocks who kicked off the year in fine style, winning at $9.80. Irene Of Athens deserves a mention, placing for Tuesday’s Roughies and paying $8.70 for the place. If only she went a couple better.

    Monthly Streak

    We can’t beat the start to the year. New Year’s Day produced 6 winners from a 9-tip streak. Two of them paid more than $8. But from there the wins were spaced out and were interrupted by a few big losing streaks. A 9-tip losing streak and hunting us the most.

    In terms of multi’s, we needed to cash in on New Year’s Day. If you were brave enough to play the 11-tip card as a multi, you could have put together a $980 6-leg multi. We know that would probably be unlikely, but it’s nice to dream in hindsight.

    January’s Snake’s Eye Tips & Results

    DateTrackRaceTipJockeyFinishedPaid (TT+)Tip Type
    Monday, 1 January 2024Burrumbeet (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (BM78)#3      Ziggi Rocks Sarah Field1st$9.8PP
     Canterbury (Track Rating: 7)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#1      Counter Tommy Berry2ndPP
     Inverell (Track Rating: 10)Race 1 (BM50)#7      Evasive Nature Ben Looker1st$1.3FF
      Race 2 (BM50)#5      Too Many Stars Braith Nock1st$1.8FF
      Race 5 (CL1)#4      Super Duck C Williams6thFF
     Mornington (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#10      Lady Of Savoy Jordan Childs3rdFF
      Race 2 (MAIDEN)#12      Starlacca Teo Nugent1st$8.9PP
      Race 4 (MAIDEN)#2      Dakarai Jordan Childs1st$1.5FF
     Murray Bridge (Track Rating: 5)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#11      Flying Yank Nichola Yuen7thPP
      Race 6 (CL2)#2      Second To Nun R Milnes1st$3.2FF
     Toowoomba (Track Rating: 4)Race 8 (BM58)#12      Epic Love Karl Zechner7thPP
    Tuesday, 2 January 2024Taree (Track Rating: 8)Race 1 (BM58)#6      Seething Chuck M Owen6thTR
      Race 2 (MAIDEN)#1      Canny Prospect Aaron Bullock2ndFF
      Race 4 (MAIDEN)#8      Sidenay J V Overmeire1st$3.5PP
      Race 5 (CL1)#10      Luck Aplenty M Fitzgerald3rdTR
     Wangaratta (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#13      Vancouver Rocks Connor Murtagh3rdPP
      Race 3 (MAIDEN)#12      Aerial Bay Jamie Mott1st$2.8PP
      Race 6 (BM64)#12      Valjeta Paul Gatt9thTR
      Race 8 (BM64)#9      Distorted Mission Blaike Mc Dougall3rdTR
    Wednesday, 3 January 2024Belmont (Track Rating: 4)Race 4 (MAIDEN)#9      Elite Fashions Steven Parnham2ndPP
     Kembla Grange (Track Rating: 9)Race 4 (MAIDEN)#2      Zaragoza Zac Lloyd1st$1.5FF
     Mount Gambier (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#11      Rocklea Lester J Grace9thPP
    Thursday, 4 January 2024Mount Barker (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (CL2)#6      Highboy Rosie Mahony9thPP
     Muswellbrook (Track Rating: 5)Race 4 (MAIDEN)#3      Super Story M Stapleford3rdPP
    Friday, 5 January 2024Ballina (Track Rating: 3)Race 6 (CL1)#8      Stay Safe Matthew Mcguren1st$1.5FF
      Race 8 (CL1)#5      Soaring Phoenix Matthew Mcguren2ndFF
     Canterbury (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#3      Miss Piera Dylan Gibbons8thPP
     Cranbourne (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#7      Atteindre L Cartwright2ndPP
     Hobart (Track Rating: 5)Race 5 (CL2)#3      Furneaux Carleen Hefel2ndPP
      Race 7 (BM72)#6      Global Awareness David Pires4thPP
     Mackay (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (MAIDEN)#9      Viennawaitsforyou Justin P Stanley1st$1.5FF
     Sunshine Coast (Track Rating: 7)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#2      Bamboozled Jasper Franklin4thPP
    Saturday, 6 January 2024Gawler (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (BM74)#5      Eaglelou Kayla Crowther4thPP
     Gold Coast (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (OPEN)#2      Spywire Craig Williams1st$1.3FF
     Ipswich (Track Rating: 5)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#10      Guru Class Corey Bayliss2ndFF
     Werribee (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#7      Queen Beira Craig Newitt1st$1.4FF
      Race 3 (MAIDEN)#7      Jehbenti Lachlan King1st$3.3PP
      Race 5 (BM58)#4      Valenki Paul Gatt4thPP
     Wyong (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (MAIDEN)#9      Stratified Amy Mc Lucas9thPP
    Sunday, 7 January 2024Bunbury (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#4      Terratif William Pike1st$1.3FF
      Race 2 (MAIDEN)#5      On A Winning Day Chris Parnham3rdPP
      Race 4 (CL1)#2      Sentimental Belle William Pike2ndFF
      Race 5 (MAIDEN)#4      My Jimmy Jade Mc Naught1st$5.7PP
     Mornington (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#4      Babble On Logan Bates1st$6.5PP
      Race 2 (MAIDEN)#1      Joon Ho Jacob Noonan2ndPP
     Warrnambool (Track Rating: 8)Race 7 (BM78)#1      Brung King J Kennedy1st$1.6FF
    Monday, 8 January 2024Moruya (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#7      Prophet Time Quayde Krogh2ndPP
     Tamworth (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#3      Capitamy Grant Buckley8thPP
      Race 4 (MAIDEN)#4      Ishani Mitchell Bell6thFF
    Tuesday, 9 January 2024Rockhampton (Track Rating: 5)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#9      Balletto Justin P Stanley5thTR
      Race 4 (MAIDEN)#8      Divine Hunter B Johnson1st$4.6PP
     Taree (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#9      All Too Zatso Lee Magorrian3rdPP
    Wednesday, 10 January 2024Devonport (Track Rating: Awt)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#5      Ralph The Rocket H L Blanc1st$5.2PP
     Doomben (Track Rating: 8)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#8      Taranaki James Orman6thFF
     Port Lincoln (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#6      Jamaican Gold Nichola Yuen1st$1.2FF
      Race 2 (MAIDEN)#3      Into The Wood Nichola Yuen8thPP
     Sandown (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#4      Amerigo Man Billy Egan2ndPP
    Thursday, 11 January 2024Pakenham (Track Rating: 7)Race 5 (MAIDEN)#12      Rewards And More Matthew Cartwright2ndPP
     Wangaratta (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#16      Bonita Bon A Herrmann5thPP
    Friday, 12 January 2024Cranbourne (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#8      Villainesque Luke Currie2ndPP
      Race 4 (MAIDEN)#11      Sinepia Daniel Stackhouse2ndPP
     Gosford (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#8      Achlys Andrew Adkins7thPP
      Race 6 (CL1)#7      Subarctic Ashley Morgan4thPP
     Hamilton (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#13      Thailess Jack Hill1st$3.3PP
      Race 4 (MAIDEN)#6      Upwoods Liam Riordan3rdFF
    Saturday, 13 January 2024Flemington (Track Rating: 4)Race 8 (GROUP3)#2      Sghirripa Craig Newitt1st$2.1FF
     Geraldton (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (BM58)#2      Juruena Gold Austin Galati3rdFF
     Gold Coast (Track Rating: 7)Race 6 (OPEN)#1      Prince Of Boom Tim Clark4thPP
      Race 10 (OPEN)#5      Zarastro Angela Jones7thPP
     Ipswich (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#5      Runaround Sue S Champkin1st$4.7PP
     Murray Bridge (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#9      Esticon Will Price10thPP
      Race 5 (NMW)#10      Club Punter Britney Wong8thPP
     Rosehill (Track Rating: 4)Race 9 (BM78)#11      Union Army Kerrin Mcevoy1st$3.6PP
    Sunday, 14 January 2024Coffs Harbour (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#13      Boambee Beach Mikayla Weir2ndPP
     Nowra (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#5      Prince Papa Louise Day4thPP
      Race 5 (MAIDEN)#12      Wasted Youth J V Overmeire1st$1.9PP
      Race 7 (MAIDEN)#11      Sky Artist H V D Hoven1st$1.7FF
     Sale (Track Rating: 5)Race 5 (BM64)#4      My Haruconi Paul Gatt6thPP
     Strathalbyn (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#10      Global Turn Jason Holder1st$1.3FF
      Race 2 (MAIDEN)#10      Ponty Well Justin Potter9thPP
      Race 6 (BM56)#7      Lord George Dominic Tourneur3rdPP
     Wodonga (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#2      Celnado Connor Murtagh1st$2.1PP
    Monday, 15 January 2024Dubbo (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#6      Choice Witness Cobi Vitler1st$1.3FF
     Muswellbrook (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (MAIDEN)#1      Super Story Reece Jones2ndPP
    Tuesday, 16 January 2024Gunnedah (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#9      Jody Girl Ben Looker2ndPP
      Race 3 (BM58)#5      Dune And Dusted Cobi Vitler2ndTR
      Race 6 (BM58)#11      Irene Of Athens R Simpson3rdTR
     Wagga (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#7      Snicon Jake Barrett8thTR
      Race 2 (MAIDEN)#6      Room For Squares Mathew Cahill8thPP
      Race 4 (MAIDEN)#10      Slate Ripper Josh Richards3rdPP
      Race 6 (CL1)#7      Single Beat Kayla Nisbet2ndTR
    Wednesday, 17 January 2024Pinjarra (Track Rating: 4)Race 10 (BM66)#7      Esprit Garcon Jarrad Noske1st$1.3FF
    Thursday, 18 January 2024Ipswich (Track Rating: 6)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#7      Blue As Blue James Orman3rdPP
     Pakenham (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#8      Atteindre L Cartwright6thPP
      Race 3 (MAIDEN)#7      Hot Gospel Billy Egan7thPP
    Friday, 19 January 2024Canterbury (Track Rating: 7)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#5      Setombe James Mcdonald4thPP
     Cranbourne (Track Rating: 5)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#4      Hot Toddy Teo Nugent3rdPP
     Geelong (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#9      Ghidi Neil Farley4thPP
      Race 5 (BM58)#2      Ferlazzo L Cartwright2ndPP
      Race 7 (BM64)#5      Stupendo Billy Egan11thPP
     Moruya (Track Rating: 6)Race 7 (MAIDEN)#8      All Too Lucky Louise Day1st$4.3PP
     Sunshine Coast (Track Rating: 9)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#1      Luvarchie James Orman1st$1.5FF
    Saturday, 20 January 2024Camperdown (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#5      Navy King Dean Yendall1st$1.4FF
      Race 2 (MAIDEN)#6      Alice Downs Fred Kersley3rdPP
     Eagle Farm (Track Rating: 5)Race 5 (BM72)#14      Fleur Du Monde Mark Du Plessis3rdPP
      Race 8 (BM72)#15      Hellavadancer Andrew Mallyon1st$3.4PP
      Race 10 (BM90)#9      Freedom Rally Ben Thompson1st$1.4FF
     Flemington (Track Rating: 4)Race 7 (BM84)#9      Pink Beau Ty Thomas Stockdale5thPP
     Kembla Grange (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#4      Bonding Andrew Adkins2ndPP
      Race 7 (CL1)#3      Suit Of Armour Alysha Collett1st$1.3FF
    Sunday, 21 January 2024Benalla (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#11      Our Silver Linings Laura Lafferty3rdPP
     Bunbury (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#8      Hot Nova Natasha Faithfull1st$4.1PP
      Race 2 (MAIDEN)#10      Extreme Love William Pike4thPP
     Mornington (Track Rating: 4)Race 4 (MAIDEN)#9      Pure Rain Michael Dee3rdPP
     Mount Gambier (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#11      Hold The Phone Lester Grace5thPP
      Race 4 (BM58)#4      Maddison Miss R Milnes1st$4.6PP
    Monday, 22 January 2024Albury (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#6      Kaida Blaze Nick Heywood1st$1.5FF
      Race 2 (BM58)#6      Walk Up Start Quayde Krogh6thPP
      Race 4 (BM58)#4      Pretty Panda Laura Lafferty1st$2.3PP
     Coffs Harbour (Track Rating: 6)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#7      Fools Play Stephen Traecey2ndPP
      Race 3 (MAIDEN)#3      Dysart Ben Looker9thPP
    Tuesday, 23 January 2024Queanbeyan (Track Rating: 5)Race 6 (BM58)#5      Gwennybegg Olivia Dalton8thTR
     Sale (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#4      Goodes Damian Lane1st$1.5FF
      Race 3 (MAIDEN)#9      Makrana Jamie Mott3rdPP
      Race 4 (MAIDEN)#8      Excelsior Diamond Jacob Noonan10thPP
    Wednesday, 24 January 2024Port Lincoln (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#9      Sundogg Kelsey Hannan4thFF
      Race 3 (MAIDEN)#5      Shipwreck Teagan Voorham3rdPP
     Sandown (Track Rating: 4)Race 8 (BM70)#10      Whakamana Michael Dee10thPP
    Thursday, 25 January 2024Ballina (Track Rating: 7)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#11      Romi Luke Rolls3rdPP
      Race 3 (MAIDEN)#13      Tosen Dreamer Matthew Mcguren3rdPP
      Race 4 (MAIDEN)#2      Desert Safari J Guthmann-Chester8thPP
     Geraldton (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (BM58)#2      Spirit Man Austin Galati2ndFF
      Race 7 (CL2)#11      Well Played Ava Catarino10thPP
     Pakenham (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#9      Barefoot Tora Damian Lane1st$1.5FF
      Race 2 (MAIDEN)#10      Chiaro Di Luna Will Price3rdPP
      Race 3 (MAIDEN)#8      Jenni The Jet Declan Bates2ndPP
     Rockhampton (Track Rating: 4)Race 8 (MAIDEN)#9      Steaming Sun Adam Sewell5thPP
     Tamworth (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#6      Rembroy Grant Buckley2ndPP
     Wangaratta (Track Rating: 5)Race 4 (MAIDEN)#6      Salchow Billy Egan1st$1.3FF
    Friday, 26 January 2024Bunbury (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#1      Dont Wait For Luck Lucy F Fiore3rdPP
      Race 4 (2YO+ MDN SW)#6      Alaskan Chris Parnham1st$1.8FF
     Caulfield (Track Rating: 4)Race 8 (BM78)#11      Jenny Jerome Billy Egan3rdPP
     Eagle Farm (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#8      Pink Thunder C Graham1st$5.3PP
     Launceston (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#12      Need To Think J Radley3rdPP
      Race 3 (MAIDEN)#10      Fiorente De Legend Anthony Darmanin4thPP
     Murray Bridge (Track Rating: 7)Race 4 (MAIDEN)#14      Zanthron Jason Holder2ndPP
     Wagga (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#3      Villasaurus Nick Heywood1st$1.2FF
    Saturday, 27 January 2024Ascot (Track Rating: 5)Race 5 (BM66)#10      Autumn Rebel C Johnston-Porter1st$1.9FF
     Newcastle (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#5      Toyger Zac Wadick4thPP
      Race 4 (MAIDEN)#12      Al Ras Blues J V Overmeire4thPP
      Race 6 (MAIDEN)#5      Art Volant Keagan Latham3rdPP
     Parkes (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#10      Mrs Bull Clayton Gallagher2ndPP
     Sunshine Coast (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (OPEN)#2      Ringer’s Reward Ben Thompson2ndFF
    Sunday, 28 January 2024Cairns (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (MAIDEN)#2      Bradshaw Jason Taylor2ndPP
     Grafton (Track Rating: 6)Race 6 (MAIDEN)#7      Sharman Pete Ben Looker6thFF
     Wyong (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (CL1)#1      Fire Star Joshua Parr2ndFF
    Monday, 29 January 2024Tuncurry (Track Rating: 6)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#7      Maybe Smart Raymond Spokes6thPP
      Race 3 (MAIDEN)#2      Shigeru Ashley Morgan1st$1.6FF
    Tuesday, 30 January 2024Benalla (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#7      Scopri Matthew Cartwright2ndPP
      Race 3 (3YO MDN SW F)#2      Dominant Miss Dakotah Keane6thTR
      Race 4 (MAIDEN)#2      Raven’s Silver Dakotah Keane7thTR
      Race 5 (BM64)#8      Hallowed Ruby Joe Bowditch7thTR
      Race 6 (BM58)#12      Paris Shiraz Tatum Bull5thTR
     Goulburn (Track Rating: 5)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#4      Are Ee Que Louise Day3rdPP
      Race 4 (CL1)#9      Spirits Burn Deep Jack Martin5thTR
      Race 6 (MAIDEN)#13      Lucilago Ashley Morgan2ndTR
      Race 8 (MAIDEN)#11      Countyourblessings Chad Schofield1st$1.1FF
    Wednesday, 31 January 2024Mount Gambier (Track Rating: 4)Race 4 (BM58)#10      Artie’s Aviator Harry Grace4thPP
     Sandown (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#4      Et Tu Brute Damian Lane1st$3.1PP

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