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July 2023: -17% ROI

    Was it karma for posting all our tips on Twitter, or was it just an unlucky month? Either way, we lost out this month, which was disappointing. So many could have’s, but ultimately despite having 59 runners in the finishing 3, we could only land 22 winners.

    Throughout July, Snake’s Eye identified a total of 121 tips. The monthly returns produced a return of $100.30 (based on a $1 bet per tip). Overall, that’s a -17.1% return on investment.

    Both Snake’s Profitable Ponies and Snake’s Fancied Favourites failed to fire this month. Profitable Ponies found 18 winners from 110 bets, returning $90.50. Snake’s Fancied Favourites, faired similarly finding 4 winners from 11 bets, returning a -10.9% ROI.

    Using Snake’s Eye’s Safety Betting Strategy, however, if you had invested $100 at the start of the month, you wouldn’t have finished in front (just). You could have withdrawn your initial investment on the 1st day of the month, leaving you with a kitty of $137.81. But that was as good as it got. By the end of the month, you would have finished with only $1.34. That’s an ROI of 1.34%.

    Honest Legend wins at Kalgoorlie, paying $10.40 for Snake’s Profitable Ponies

    Tip of the Month

    The month’s tip of the week went to Honest Legend. The WA Galloper won at Kalgoorlie and paid a handy $10.40. This narrowly headed Simply Sparklez, who got us off to a great start to the month with a $9.20 win.

    Monthly Streak

    The month started brightly when we found 3 winners on day one. But it got a little bleak from then onwards. Snakes Tuesday Roughies failed to find a winner this month, despite 5 placings, which created some extra long losing streaks. A 13-tip losing streak followed our great start. This was matched by another 14-tip losing streak that dampened our awesome 4 winners from 5 tips.

    Often with a losing month though, there just weren’t anywhere near enough winning streaks. But we’ll face up again next month and continue to work hard to find you your next winner.

    July’s Snake’s Eye Tips & Results

    DateTrackRaceTipJockeyFinishedPaid (TT+)Tip Type
    Saturday, 1 July 2023Echuca (Track Rating: 7)Race 5 (R-58)#11      Simply Sparklez Logan Mcneil1st$9.2PP
     Flemington (Track Rating: 5)Race 7 (LISTED)#9      Pizarro Dean Yendall6thPP
     Gold Coast (Track Rating: Awt)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#4      Lion King Jai Williams5thPP
     Kembla Grange (Track Rating: 3)Race 6 (BM-64)#6      Oakfield Mahogany Grant Buckley1st$4.2PP
      Race 8 (BM-64)#3      Winning Point J V Overmeire4thPP
     Murray Bridge (Track Rating: 5)Race 5 (BM-78)#7      The Magistrate Codi Jordan4thPP
      Race 9 (BM-62)#1      Annihilate S Tomlinson2ndPP
     Sunshine Coast (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (BM-80)#9      Uncle Russ Samantha Collett4thPP
      Race 6 (LISTED)#8      Zoumon Tim Clark1st$4.2PP
     Tuncurry (Track Rating: 5)Race 3 (MDN-SW)#11      Open Circuit Serg Lisnyy4thPP
      Race 4 (BM-50)#10      Crash’n’bash M Owen8thPP
    Sunday, 2 July 2023Devonport (Track Rating: Awt)Race 2 (2Y+MSW)#8      She Plays Games B Hanham7thPP
      Race 7 (BM-68)#1      Incriminate E B Burke3rdPP
     Grafton (Track Rating: 5)Race 3 (MDN-SW)#10      Enterprise Fuse Luke Rolls5thPP
     Kalgoorlie (Track Rating: 0)Race 2 (2Y+MSW)#6      Timely Advice Laqdar Ramoly5thPP
     Port Augusta (Track Rating: Good)Race 2 (2Y+MSW)#7      Petra’s Girl Callan Murray2ndPP
      Race 3 (BM-56)#3      Divina Show Callan Murray9thPP
    Monday, 3 July 2023Pakenham (Track Rating: Awt)Race 5 (BM-58)#5      Lulu Darling Dakotah Keane5thPP
    Tuesday, 4 July 2023Ballarat (Track Rating: Awt)Race 4 (MDN-SW)#7      Elusive Rubi Samantha Noble7thPP
      Race 5 (BM-64)#6      Frose John Allen1st$2.9FF
     Townsville (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (23-MDN)#8      Risked It Denicious Smith8thPP
      Race 5 (OPEN)#5      He’s Xceptional Adrian Layt4thPP
      Race 8 (3YO)#9      Emathion Lacey Morrison6thPP
     Wyong (Track Rating: 6)Race 2 (MDN-SW)#4      Lord Bob Grant Buckley3rdPP
      Race 8 (CLS1)#4      Never Never Land Jason Collett4thPP
    Wednesday, 5 July 2023Belmont (Track Rating: 0)Race 7 (2Y+CL3)#2      Imperialize Shaun O’donnell4thPP
     Randwick (Track Rating: 5)Race 6 (BM-72)#9      Invincible Legend Reece Jones1st$3.8PP
     Sandown (Track Rating: Hvy 8)Race 5 (BM-78)#3      Do Ya Punk T Stockdale1st$3.6PP
    Thursday, 6 July 2023Gosford (Track Rating: 5)Race 7 (BM-64)#7      Smart As Smart Louise Day2ndPP
     Moe (Track Rating: Hvy 9)Race 5 (R-64)#7      Gimme A Buzz Carleen Hefel2ndPP
     Pinjarra (Track Rating: 7)Race 5 (2Y+MSW)#1      Torpedoman Laqdar Ramoly10thPP
     Warwick (Track Rating: 7)Race 6 (CLS2)#4      Metal Rock Josh Adams8thPP
    Friday, 7 July 2023Rockhampton (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (23-MDN)#4      Sizzling Samurai Ryan Wiggins10thPP
    Saturday, 8 July 2023Beaudesert (Track Rating: 7)Race 4 (3Y-MDN)#6      Shesabomb J Guthmann-Chester6thPP
      Race 7 (BM-70)#7      Perfect Encounter Noel Callow8thPP
     Caulfield (Track Rating: 6)Race 4 (3YOF)#6      Hazel Baby C Hefel4thPP
      Race 8 (WFA-G3)#13      Sigh Carleen Hefel1st$6.7PP
     Darwin (Track Rating: Awt)Race 2 (R-66)#6      Qualis Mark Pegus4thPP
     Pakenham (Track Rating: Awt)Race 8 (R-58)#11      Melanie Dylan Turner8thPP
     Randwick (Track Rating: 5)Race 7 (BM-78)#2      Brudenell D Gibbons2ndPP
    Sunday, 9 July 2023Grafton (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#9      Light Up The Dawn Nozi Tomizawa8thPP
      Race 4 (Error)#2      Boulanger Zac Wadick6thPP
     Hawkesbury (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MDN-SW)#3      Deep Voyage Tyler Schiller1st$1.7FF
      Race 4 (MAIDEN)#5      Harry Tudor Koby Jennings3rdPP
     Kalgoorlie (Track Rating: 0)Race 2 (2Y+MSW)#1      Got Lucky Laqdar Ramoly2ndPP
      Race 6 (MIN-58)#4      Honest Legend B Gaerth1st$10.4PP
     Port Augusta (Track Rating: Good)Race 6 (R-54)#5      Wandering Eye Britney Wong2ndPP
    Monday, 10 July 2023Mount Isa (Track Rating: Good)Race 4 (BM-65)#4      The Brotherhood S Mccann1st$2.7PP
      Race 6 (R-50)#6      Just Sizzling Tyler Leslight1st$3.4PP
    Tuesday, 11 July 2023Ballarat (Track Rating: Awt)Race 3 (MDN-SW)#7      Miss White Thomas Doyle4thPP
      Race 6 (BM-58)#9      Wardy Boy Harry Coffey10thPP
     Cairns (Track Rating: 6)Race 2 (23-MDN)#12      Mini Beer Adrian Layt10thPP
      Race 4 (BM-70)#6      Santa Marinella Adrian Layt3rdPP
     Gunnedah (Track Rating: 6)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#11      Powerstone Billy Cray3rdPP
      Race 6 (OPEN)#8      Smoke Bomb Chelsea Hillier3rdPP
    Thursday, 13 July 2023Bendigo (Track Rating: 8)Race 7 (BM-64)#4      Bavarian Lady J Kennedy4thPP
     Grafton (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (F&M)#3      Byron Eyes Rachel King3rdPP
      Race 6 (BM-66)#8      Small Town Casey Waddell4thPP
     Ipswich (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (3Y-MSW)#5      Ashmolean B Wheeler8thPP
    Friday, 14 July 2023Moruya (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (MAIDEN)#11      Ninja Star Louise Day1st$4.8PP
      Race 6 (BM-74)#8      Greaves Jess Taylor6thPP
     Scone (Track Rating: 5)Race 8 (BM-58)#5      Leggy Point Ashley Morgan3rdPP
    Saturday, 15 July 2023Flemington (Track Rating: 4)Race 9 (BM-78)#10      Senegalia C Hefel10thPP
     Gold Coast (Track Rating: Awt)Race 5 (BM-62)#6      Get What You Give Noel Callow2ndFF
     Murtoa (Track Rating: 8)Race 4 (R-58)#2      Gusmao Tahlia Hope1st$5.1PP
      Race 7 (R-58)#1      Handshake Tom Madden2ndPP
     Randwick (Track Rating: 4)Race 4 (BM-78)#7      Louisville Zac Lloyd6thFF
      Race 9 (BM-88)#6      Logan Street Lion Adam Hyeronimus5thPP
     Roebourne (Track Rating: 0)Race 5 (MIN-56)#6      Our Kiwi Princess Kyra Yuill5thPP
     Wagga (Track Rating: 10)Race 2 ($27000 | MDN-SW)#1      Cellar Champ Holly Durnan3rdPP
     Wyong (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#2      Concordia J V Overmeire2ndFF
      Race 4 (MAIDEN)#4      Killer Kerr Grant Buckley2ndPP
    Sunday, 16 July 2023Devonport (Track Rating: Awt)Race 2 (2Y+MSW)#5      Pop A Honda C Baker1st$3.6PP
      Race 6 (CLS1)#4      Bellasario Hayley Mccarthy1st$4.2PP
     Grafton (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (FMB-58)#1      Lady Tulessa Ben Looker1st$2.7PP
      Race 6 (OPEN)#7      Bean Foggy Ben Looker2ndPP
    Monday, 17 July 2023Goulburn (Track Rating: 4)Race 7 (MDN-SW)#11      Denman Star H V D Hoven1st$4.5PP
    Tuesday, 18 July 2023Ballarat (Track Rating: Awt)Race 3 (4Y+MSW)#10      On A Winning Day Mitchell Aitken5thPP
     Taree (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (CL1-SW)#3      Doutelle Grant Buckley6thPP
     Warren (Track Rating: 6)Race 5 (CLS2)#6      Shikishi Billy Cray5thPP
    Thursday, 20 July 2023Rockhampton (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MDN-SW)#4      Sensationabull Warwick Satherley5thPP
     Scone (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (Maiden)#2      French Comet Chelsea Hillier5thPP
      Race 2 (Maiden)#4      A Tender Lady Aaron Bullock3rdPP
    Friday, 21 July 2023Donald (Track Rating: 8)Race 2 (MDN-SW)#11      Release The Brakes Robbie Downey5thPP
      Race 4 (3Y+MSW)#7      Early Warning Ryan Houston3rdFF
     Townsville (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#4      Mama’s Man Ryan Wiggins3rdPP
      Race 9 (BM-75)#8      More The Merrier Chris Whiteley6thPP
    Saturday, 22 July 2023Darwin (Track Rating: Awt)Race 5 (R-70)#1      Early Crow Paul Shiers2ndPP
     Doomben (Track Rating: 5)Race 7 (R-0MW)#12      Ready For Anything Kyle Wilson-Taylor5thPP
    Sunday, 23 July 2023Kalgoorlie (Track Rating: 0)Race 5 (2Y+CL2)#6      Maidmy Way Austin Galati3rdPP
    Monday, 24 July 2023Ballarat (Track Rating: Awt)Race 2 (3Y-MSW)#2      Eureka Storm Declan Bates4thPP
      Race 4 (MDN-SW)#11      Capulet Harry Coffey1st$1.5FF
      Race 5 (BM-58)#6      Miss Magnifico Harry Coffey3rdPP
    Tuesday, 25 July 2023Bathurst (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (BM-58)#8      Mosgold Beany Panya1st$3.7FF
     Gatton (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (MAIDEN)#7      Termite Micheal Hellyer5thPP
     Newcastle (Track Rating: 6)Race 6 (BM-58)#4      Golden Breeze Jeff Kehoe2ndPP
     Pakenham (Track Rating: Awt)Race 1 (3Y-MSW)#3      Jalpido Wiremu Pinn6thFF
      Race 1 (3Y-MSW)#2      Has He Got It Craig Newitt7thPP
      Race 4 (MDN-SW)#5      Rayza Warrior Liam Riordan4thPP
      Race 9 (BM-58)#7      Luv A Duck Harry Grace4thPP
    Wednesday, 26 July 2023Belmont (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (2+ NMW1Y)#8      Universal Playboy Chris Parnham3rdPP
     Canterbury (Track Rating: 5)Race 3 (BM-72)#2      Pharoah’s Reign Zac Lloyd5thPP
     Sandown (Track Rating: 5)Race 6 (BM-70)#3      Jabbawockeez Damien Oliver5thPP
    Thursday, 27 July 2023Bendigo (Track Rating: 6)Race 2 (2yo MDN SW)#9      Abstruse Celine Gaudray2ndFF
     Cairns (Track Rating: 8)Race 1 (2yo OPEN)#3      Tahkian Bubbles Adam Sewell2ndPP
      Race 5 (BM65)#8      Ten Schilling L Guernier1st$9PP
     Northam (Track Rating: 6)Race 4 (2+ MDN SW)#6      Birthday Ballot Brad Parnham11thPP
    Friday, 28 July 2023Dubbo (Track Rating: 5)Race 3 (CL1)#4      Nannu Jake Barrett3rdPP
    Saturday, 29 July 2023Belmont (Track Rating: 7)Race 7 (2+ BM66+)#6      Planet Cash Lucy Fiore7thPP
      Race 8 (2+ 1MW)#6      Fluro Neuro Michael Poy5thPP
     Morphettville (Track Rating: 6)Race 3 (BM68)#12      Pretentious Lass Alana Livesey3rdPP
     Roebourne (Track Rating: 0)Race 7 (2+ CL1)#1      Who’s Your Mama Ava Catarino2ndPP
     Warracknabeal (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (3+ MDN SW)#4      Appealing J Kennedy1st$3.9PP
    Sunday, 30 July 2023Geelong (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (3yo MDN SW)#12      Khalida L J Meech7thPP
      Race 7 (BM64)#3      Lulu Darling Tom Prebble1st$4.5PP
     Hobart (Track Rating: 5)Race 5 (BM60)#6      Lord Whitegate Kelvin Sanderson3rdPP
     Muswellbrook (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MDN)#5      Snow Star Matthew Palmer8thPP
      Race 7 (BM58)#2      Flying Birds M Owen3rdPP
     Sapphire Coast (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (MDN)#9      Twelve Hours R B Prag4thPP
     Sunshine Coast (Track Rating: 4)Race 4 (CL2 SW)#11      On Hold Ben Thompson2ndPP
    Monday, 31 July 2023Corowa (Track Rating: 7)Race 2 (MDN)#1      Daicos J Mallyon4thFF

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