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June 2023: 2.4% ROI

    We rejigged a few formulas in June which produced some indifferent results. More tips, a couple of big winners, but ultimately not enough to skyrocket us into financial freedom.

    Throughout June, Snake’s Eye identified a total of 115 tips. The monthly returns produced a return of $117.80 (based on a $1 bet per tip). Overall, that’s a 2.4% return on investment.

    Snake’s Profitable Ponies failed to fire this month. Doing just worse than breaking even. From 104 bets, returned $103.oo. Snake’s Fancied Favourites, however, thrived finding 8 winners from 11 bets, returning a 34.5% ROI.

    Using Snake’s Eye’s Safety Betting Strategy, if you had invested $100 at the start of the month, you wouldn’t have much of it left. Some of the new formulas found a lot of bets, but not enough winners, lowering our kitty early in the month. You could have built it up to $137.23 midway through the month, but that was as good as it got. By the end of the month, you would have finished with only $26.15. That’s an ROI of -73.85%.

    Thistledo wins at Wagga, paying $19.90 for Snake’s Profitable Ponies

    Tip of the Month

    The introduction of Tuesday’s Roughies promised to deliver more value and it did salute a couple of times. The 11-year-old Thistledo was found by Snake’s Eye and paid a handy $19.90. Even old ducks can now find their way into Snake’s tip of the month.

    Monthly Streak

    The introduction of Snake’s Tuesday Roughies threatened to produce some nasty streaks. And it did throughout June. It was in the middle of a 19-tip streak found 6 placings but failed to produce a winner. That did end nicely when we found 3 winners in the next 4 tips, but we couldn’t find many great winning streaks to get us well ahead. The best we could muster was a 9-tip streak that found 6 winners. 5 winners from 10 tips and 4 winners from 7 tips were handy. But ultimately we weren’t able to find enough winners who paid handsomely enough.

    Last month Thursday was our Achilles’ heal. This month Thursday was our saviour, finding 6 winners and 4 placings from 11 tips.

    June’s Snake’s Eye Tips & Results

    DateTrackRaceTipJockeyFinishedPaid (TT+)Tip Type
    20230601Echuca (Track Rating: 7)Race 7 (BM-64)#7      Excel And Fly Jamie Mott2ndPP
    20230602Dubbo (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (BM-66)#1      Rylan’s Pick R Simpson5thPP
    20230603Bendigo (Track Rating: 8)Race 5 (R-58)#9      Dream Witness Jake Noonan13thPP
      Race 7 (BM-70)#7      Solbrook Star Jake Duffy7thPP
     Cairns (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#7      Classic Chance Jason Taylor3rdPP
     Eagle Farm (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (BM-90)#15      Zadig A Jones4thPP
     Gold Coast (Track Rating: Awt)Race 4 (MAIDEN)#9      Torque Espagna M Philpot1st$4.9PP
      Race 7 (BM-58)#11      Deelosh Bailey Wheeler5thPP
     Morphettville (Track Rating: 6)Race 6 (BM-62)#7      Rebel Consortium Jason Holder4thPP
     Newcastle (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (BM-68)#5      Overriding Koby Jennings1st$1.6FF
      Race 4 (MAIDEN)#4      Commando Jack Rory Hutchings7thPP
     Rosehill (Track Rating: 4)Race 4 (BM-72)#5      Semana D Gibbons2ndPP
      Race 7 (BM-78)#3      Devil’s Throat Reece Jones1st$3.6PP
      Race 9 (BM-78)#16      African Daisy Tyler Schiller2ndPP
    20230604Bordertown (Track Rating: 5)Race 4 (2Y+MSW)#2      Annihilate Teagan Voorham1st$1.5FF
     Moe (Track Rating: 7)Race 3 (R-58)#7      Alluring Grace Paul Gatt3rdPP
      Race 6 (R-58)#11      Nasdana Joe Bowditch5thPP
     Murwillumbah (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#1      Boulanger Noriyuki Masuda3rdPP
     Port Hedland (Track Rating: Good)Race 3 (2Y+MSW)#6      Rosa Ballerina Rosie Mahony1st$3.9PP
    20230605Ballarat (Track Rating: Awt)Race 1 (4Y+MSW)#3      Magic Bertie Jamie Mott3rdPP
     Bathurst (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (BM-58)#6      Kora Magic R Simpson1st$4.3PP
      Race 3 (CL1-SW)#6      Black Messiah William Stanley7thPP
     Goulburn (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (CLS1)#3      Miss Thatcher Adam Hyeronimus1st$1.6FF
     Northam (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (3-0MLY)#4      Sizzle Me Patrick Troy Turner3rdPP
     Thangool (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (BM-45)#4      Awesome Spirit Warwick Satherley3rdPP
    20230606Armidale (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (BM-58)#10      My Gem Chelsea Hillier4thPP
      Race 3 (MDN-SW)#8      Look Closer Kelsey Lenton8thPP
      Race 5 (BM-58)#11      Sportsman C Houlgatte9thPP
      Race 6 (CLS1)#9      Intoxel Wendy Peel6thPP
      Race 7 (BM-58)#2      Kalahari Heart Chelsea Hillier4thPP
     Dalby (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (4Y+MDN)#9      Smiling Zac Jai Williams1st$1.9FF
      Race 3 (3Y-MDN)#5      Pipatina Rikki Jamieson8thPP
      Race 6 (R-58)#2      Beeokay Nicole Vuille8thPP
     Seymour (Track Rating: 8)Race 2 (4Y+MSW)#2      Deminaur Tayla Childs9thPP
      Race 3 (FM-MSW)#1      Bao Bun Logan Mcneil12thPP
      Race 7 (BM-58)#9      Adki Liam Riordan1st$9.8PP
      Race 8 (BM-58)#7      Our Girl Silke Arron Lynch7thPP
     Taree (Track Rating: 5)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#9      Irish Falcon Cejay Graham4thPP
      Race 4 (CLS1)#3      Raised By Wolves Peter Graham3rdPP
      Race 6 (BM-66)#11      My Girona Jon Grisedale5thPP
    20230607Canterbury (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (3F-MSW)#5      Magic Carpet Sam Clipperton7thPP
     Doomben (Track Rating: 5)Race 5 (CLS4)#3      Hype Andrew Mallyon1st$5.6PP
    20230608Pinjarra (Track Rating: 9)Race 3 (2Y+MSW)#1      The Lucky Chip Lucy Fiore1st$3.2PP
      Race 5 (2Y+CL3)#2      Storm Lord Victoria Corver2ndPP
    20230609Dubbo (Track Rating: 5)Race 8 (OPEN)#10      Majority Grant Buckley2ndPP
     Gatton (Track Rating: 5)Race 7 (BM-68)#14      Union Spirit Leeanne Mccoy3rdPP
      Race 8 (BM-62)#9      Tokyo Blossom G Cartwright9thPP
     Swan Hill (Track Rating: 8)Race 2 (FM-MSW)#6      Mrs Bull Harry Coffey4thPP
    20230610Belmont (Track Rating: 8)Race 8 (MIN-66)#11      Keep Attacking Shaun Mcgruddy8thPP
     Eagle Farm (Track Rating: 4)Race 4 (GROUP2)#7      Al Aabir Michael Dee7thPP
      Race 5 (LISTED)#15      King Kapa Ben Thompson1st$5.7PP
     Gold Coast (Track Rating: Awt)Race 4 (MDN-SW)#11      Another Dime Sean Cormack9thPP
     Newcastle (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (MDN-SW)#4      Invest In Love Lee Magorrian8thPP
      Race 6 (MDN-SW)#2      Asva Christian Reith1st$2.5FF
    20230611Hawkesbury (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (3Y-MSW)#8      Miss Adamas Ashley Morgan4thFF
     Hobart (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (2Y+MSW)#8      Ding Ding Chloe Wells1st$4.4PP
     Swan Hill (Track Rating: 7)Race 2 (23-MSW)#3      Cosmic Enigma John Allen1st$2.2FF
      Race 4 (R-64)#11      Ferrari Man Suraj Narredu12thPP
    20230612Cairns (Track Rating: 6)Race 3 (23-MDN)#3      Brave Intent Chris Whiteley1st$1.6FF
     Warwick Farm (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (BM-64)#9      Louisville Kerrin Mcevoy1st$4.8PP
    20230613Ballarat (Track Rating: Awt)Race 2 (MDN-SW)#3      Jimmy Odd Sock Jarrod Fry4thPP
      Race 4 (MDN-SW)#7      Barrabool Samantha Noble7thPP
     Scone (Track Rating: 5)Race 5 (BM-58)#4      Harley Fat Boy Anthony Cavallo8thPP
     Wagga (Track Rating: 8)Race 1 (MDN-SW)#12      Good Kitty Josh Richards5thPP
      Race 2 (BM-66)#11      Sleigh’s Belle H Williams3rdPP
      Race 4 (BM-74)#5      Thistledo Kayla Nisbet1st$19.9PP
      Race 6 (CLS1)#7      Laurel Hill Kayla Nisbet3rdPP
    20230614Balaklava (Track Rating: 5)Race 6 (BM-56)#9      Lakehurst Lachlan Neindorf11thPP
     Doomben (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (3Y-MSW)#6      Guru Class Corey Bayliss3rdPP
    20230615Moe (Track Rating: 7)Race 7 (Error)#1      Hydro Star Brad Rawiller3rdPP
      Race 9 (Error)#6      The Ballet Dancer Luke Campbell14thPP
     Northam (Track Rating: 5)Race 4 (Error)#8      Platinum Class Laqdar Ramoly1st$3.9PP
     Townsville (Track Rating: 5)Race 8 (Error)#11      Red Boomshakalaka Nathan Day1st$4.3PP
    20230616Coffs Harbour (Track Rating: 6)Race 4 (MDN-SW)#7      Leica Model C Williams11thPP
    20230617Belmont (Track Rating: 6)Race 5 (MIN-72)#5      Knot Secret Jarrad Noske6thPP
      Race 6 (2Y+1MW)#12      Duchess Of Gossip Brad Parnham2ndFF
     Ipswich (Track Rating: 5)Race 9 (FM-LR)#11      Snapped Damien Thornton8thPP
     Kembla Grange (Track Rating: 4)Race 4 (MAIDEN)#3      Line Of Law H Williams1st$1.9FF
     Narrandera (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#8      May I Dance Josh Richards5thPP
      Race 3 (MDN-SW)#7      Viking Rebel F Sandkuhl5thPP
     Rockhampton (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (3Y-MDN)#7      Pinocchio Lass Adrian Layt2ndPP
     Toowoomba (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (BM-70)#7      Nicci De Rosa Alisha Donald5thPP
    20230618Bendigo (Track Rating: 9)Race 2 (MDN-SW)#8      Tenace Brad Rawiller8thPP
      Race 5 (FMB-64)#5      Soju Session Billy Egan6thPP
      Race 8 (BM-64)#3      Serenaur Zac Spain4thPP
     Coonamble (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (CLS3)#3      Brief Statement Anthony Cavallo3rdPP
    20230619Ballarat (Track Rating: Awt)Race 2 (3Y-MSW)#3      Comb Over Con Jarrod Fry4thPP
      Race 7 (BM-58)#2      Cosmic Rhapsody Jarrod Lorensini3rdPP
     Newcastle (Track Rating: 4)Race 8 (BM-66)#9      Golden Gate Tom Sherry2ndPP
    20230620Lismore (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (CL1-SW)#11      Cowgirl Lilly Zac Wadick7thPP
      Race 4 (MDN-SW)#9      Primary Witness Kirk Matheson7thPP
      Race 7 (BM-66)#8      Peak Road Danny Peisley9thPP
     Nowra (Track Rating: 3)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#13      Starspangle Planet H V D Hoven4thPP
      Race 5 (BM-58)#10      Super Riff Jordan Mallyon7thPP
     Pakenham (Track Rating: Awt)Race 8 (BM-58)#4      El Kabong Jarrod Fry3rdPP
    20230621Belmont (Track Rating: 6)Race 8 (2Y+CL3)#6      Secret Identity C Johnston-Porter2ndPP
     Doomben (Track Rating: 4)Race 2 (MDN-SW)#2      Jackson On Time Martin Harley4thPP
     Mornington (Track Rating: 9)Race 7 (BM-70)#11      Le Derriere Jack Hill5thFF
    20230622Gosford (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (4Y+MDN)#10      Misty Dreams Jay Ford1st$4.4PP
     Sale (Track Rating: 9)Race 8 (BM-64)#8      Zasceed Zac Spain1st$9.1PP
    20230623Rockhampton (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (CLS1)#5      Bonaugura Adrian Layt6thPP
    20230624Caulfield (Track Rating: 6)Race 3 (3YOF)#2      Va Via Blake Shinn1st$3.9PP
     Gold Coast (Track Rating: Awt)Race 6 (BM-58)#3      No More Red B Wheeler8thPP
    20230625Narrandera (Track Rating: 5)Race 5 (CLS1)#2      Tauty Hannah Edgley6thPP
     Rockhampton (Track Rating: 4)Race 5 (FMB-70)#4      Boho Beauty Martin Harley1st$3.7PP
      Race 6 (R-55)#3      Craiglea Etna M Kennedy3rdPP
    20230626Pakenham (Track Rating: Awt)Race 2 (4Y+MSW)#4      Freedom Star Ben Allen2ndPP
    20230627Ballarat (Track Rating: Awt)Race 1 (2Y-MSW)#9      Holler Point Dylan Turner3rdPP
      Race 5 (BM-58)#9      Scoria Star Remi Tremsal7thPP
     Kembla Grange (Track Rating: 3)Race 5 (CLS1)#2      Sinner Tyler Schiller5thPP
      Race 6 (BM-68)#11      Pitavago Louise Day5thPP
     Townsville (Track Rating: 5)Race 3 (MAIDEN)#7      Maralah Jackson Murphy8thPP
      Race 4 (BM-70)#7      Sarnia Isabella Teh4thPP
    20230628Balaklava (Track Rating: 7)Race 2 (3Y+MSW)#4      Jajitta Bug Justin Potter7thPP
    20230629Hawkesbury (Track Rating: 7)Race 2 (MDN-SW)#3      Align The Planets Tyler Schiller2ndPP
     Northam (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (2Y+CL3)#1      On The Full B Gaerth1st$3.6PP

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