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Snake’s D’n’A


Investment window is currently closed.

$500 investment in Snake’s D’n’A betting strategy.

By investing in this Snake’s D’n’A you agree to Snake’s D’n’A Terms & Conditions.

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The investment window is currently closed. During the next payout, we will open the door again to new investors. If you would like to be notified when this occurs, please send us an email at

Invest $500 into Snake’s D’n’A (Double and Again) punting strategy.

  • All bets are identified through Snake’s Eye (min $3 current odds) and will be emailed to investors every morning.
  • Snake will place all bets on everybody’s behalf.
  • All bets will be placed via the Betfair Exchange and details will be passed on via the WhatsApp group and email.
  • All bets less than $150 will be placed using BSP. Bets over $150 will be placed using a combination of fixed odds and BSP.
  • Stakes are shown in the table below (subject to change). This staking strategy has been identified as having the most balanced Risk vs Reward return.
  • All investors (unless requested otherwise) will be added to Snake’s D’n’A WhatsApp group to discuss everything D’n’A.
  • Payouts will be available upon certain kitty milestones, for example when the total kitty reaches $30,000. Payouts will occur at Snake’s Eye’s discretion to protect all investors from too much risk.
  • Payouts are optional and investors can keep their money invested in Snake’s D’n’A if they choose.
  • At each payout Snake’s D’n’A will be open to new investments and investors’ share of the kitty will be rebalanced.
  • Fees: Snake’s D‘n’A fees are 20% of all monies paid out.
    Example: If an initial investment of $500 turns into $2,500, and an investor decides to be paid out $2000, Snake’s Eye’s fee will be ($2,000 x 20%) = $400, Investor is paid out $1,600 and keeps $500 invested.
  • If no money is paid out, ie we go bust, no fees are collected by Snake’s Eye. Snake’s Eye will only collect fees when investors make money.
  • Snake’s Eye does not guarantee any winnings. The possibility of losing all your investment is very real. Only invest what you can afford to lose. 
  • By investing in this strategy, you acknowledge you could lose all of your investment
Losing Streak Stake
0 $                   –  
1 $                   –  
2 $                   –  
3 $               1.00
4 $               2.00
5 $               4.00
6 $               8.00
7 $            15.00
8 $            30.00
9 $            60.00
10 $          120.00
11 $          250.00
12 $          500.00
13 $      1,000.00
14 $      2,000.00
15 $      4,000.00
16 $      1,000.00
17 $      1,350.00
18 $      1,800.00
19 $      2,400.00
20 $      3,200.00
21 $      4,250.00



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