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September 2022 : 28% ROI

    What a way to kick off. Already, September has set the benchmark.

    Throughout September, Snake’s Eye identified a total of 61 tips. The monthly returns produced a return of $78.00 (based on a $1 bet per tip). Overall, that’s a 27.9% return on investment.

    Snake’s Profitbale Ponies was the main winner this month with 42% ROI from 43 bets. However, Snake’s Fancied Favourites created a small loss of -7.2% ROI from 18 bets.

    Using Snake’s Eye’s Safety Betting Strategy, if you had invested $100 at the start of the month, you could have withdrawn your initial investment by the 3rd. The remaining could have been turned into as much as $296.92 on the 6th, and finished the month with $82.04. That’s an ROI of 82.04%. Not a bad way to get Snake’s Eye off to a good start.

    Mafiore won at Geelong

    Tip of the Month

    This month’s go to Maiden winner Maarkle.

    Maarkle produced an $8.90 return at Devonport on the 4th. That narrowly held out Highly Ambitious who found the line for $8.70 the day prior.

    Monthly Streak

    The month started in great fashion when Snake’s Eye found 8 winners from its first 15 tips. This included a $212 treble on Saturday followed by a $26.7 double on Sunday. This easily accounted for a 17-tip streak that only produced 3 short-priced winners.

    September’s Snake’s Eye Tips & Results

    DateTrackRaceTipJockeyFinishedPaid (TT+)Tip Type
    Thursday, 1 September 2022Bowen (Track Rating: 4)Race 6 (CLS1)#4      Rothero Essgee Denicious Smith5thPP
     Northam (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (3Y+MSW)#6      Big Break Shaun Mcgruddy5thPP
      Race 5 (3Y+MSW)#11      Cosmopolitan Girl Luke Campbell1st$4.8PP
    Friday, 2 September 2022Mornington (Track Rating: 9)Race 3 (3Y+MSW)#11      Sketched Ben Melham1st$1.6FF
    Saturday, 3 September 2022Belmont (Track Rating: 5)Race 4 (MIN-66)#5      Probity Chris Parnham2ndPP
     Grafton (Track Rating: 8)Race 1 (MAIDEN)#14      Orbital Speed Raymond Spokes4thPP
     Hawkesbury (Track Rating: 6)Race 2 (FM-MSW)#5      A Lot More Love Zac Lloyd2ndFF
      Race 6 (FM-CL1)#1      Highly Ambitious Kody Nestor1st$8.7PP
     Mildura (Track Rating: 4)Race 1 (3Y+MSW)#1      Bond Street Beau Harry Coffey1st$1.3FF
      Race 4 (R-58)#5      Only Need Time Mitchell Aitken1st$5.3PP
     Morphettville (Track Rating: 6)Race 7 (FM-62)#11      Nana Dulce Ellis Wong1st$4.6PP
     Randwick (Track Rating: 6)Race 4 (LISTED)#9      Toomuchtobear William Pike7thPP
      Race 9 (BM-78)#13      Arbitration Sam Clipperton4thPP
    Sunday, 4 September 2022Devonport (Track Rating: 3)Race 1 (3Y+MSW)#7      Maarkle David Tootell (Snr)1st$8.9PP
    Monday, 5 September 2022Wodonga (Track Rating: 7)Race 6 (BM-58)#3      Come Along Jeffrey Craig Newitt1st$4.2PP
    Tuesday, 6 September 2022Scone (Track Rating: 7)Race 6 (BM-66)#10      Mezinjit Grant Buckley4thPP
    Wednesday, 7 September 2022Murray Bridge (Track Rating: 4)Race 8 (BM-54)#4      Good Approach Kayla Crowther2ndPP
    Saturday, 10 September 2022Belmont (Track Rating: 5)Race 2 (3Y-SWP)#6      Tiffany Street Chris Parnham2ndFF
     Doomben (Track Rating: 6)Race 7 (BM-75)#4      Mob Buster Ryan Maloney1st$5.1PP
     Echuca (Track Rating: 10)Race 3 (3Y+MSW)#14      Wok Star Linda Meech1st$3FF
     Flemington (Track Rating: 7)Race 5 (WFA-G1)#7      Western Empire Damian Lane5thPP
     Gold Coast (Track Rating: 8)Race 2 (BM-65)#1      Splasher Noel Callow10thPP
    Sunday, 11 September 2022Donald (Track Rating: 10)Race 7 (R-58)#5      Shesablinder Melissa Julius4thPP
     Dubbo (Track Rating: 10)Race 6 (BM-58)#5      Royal Charge Rory Hutchings2ndPP
     Mount Gambier (Track Rating: 8)Race 3 (BM-54)#2      Russian Blaze Harry Grace6thPP
     Sunshine Coast (Track Rating: 6)Race 2 (MAIDEN)#8      Solarosa K Wilson-Taylor5thPP
      Race 6 (BM-58)#7      Tee Amici G Cartwright2ndPP
    Monday, 12 September 2022Tamworth (Track Rating: 6)Race 5 (MDN-SW)#9      The Affirmative Grant Buckley2ndPP
    Tuesday, 13 September 2022Hamilton (Track Rating: 10)Race 2 (4Y+MSW)#2      Matao Ma Dean Yendall3rdFF
      Race 4 (MDN-SW)#7      Soobmerged Linda Meech1st$1.5FF
    Wednesday, 14 September 2022Belmont (Track Rating: 6)Race 5 (3Y+CL3)#2      Surveillance Luke Campbell4thPP
    Thursday, 15 September 2022Townsville (Track Rating: 5)Race 1 (3Y-MDN)#1      Secret Quality Ashley Butler1st$2.7FF
      Race 7 (OPEN)#9      Hell Of A Boy Pietro Romeo11thPP
    Friday, 16 September 2022Canberra (Track Rating: 10)Race 1 (BM-60)#5      Diamond City Alysha Collett2ndFF
     Newcastle (Track Rating: 8)Race 2 (FM-MDN)#7      A Lot More Love Brenton Avdulla1st$1.8FF
    Saturday, 17 September 2022Belmont (Track Rating: 7)Race 3 (3+0MLY)#8      Real Danger C Johnston-Porter5thPP
      Race 9 (MIN-72)#4      Multinational Brad Parnham4thPP
     Caulfield (Track Rating: 6)Race 9 (OPEN)#4      Seradess Craig Williams7thPP
     Gatton (Track Rating: 7)Race 1 (3YB-62)#1      Bag Of Whitt Lani Allen2ndFF
      Race 5 (BM-55)#7      New York Gal Jai Williams3rdFF
     Morphettville (Track Rating: 6)Race 5 (BM-60)#13      Turfitt L Neindorf1st$5.5PP
     Randwick (Track Rating: 7)Race 4 (BM-78)#13      Arnold James Mcdonald3rdFF
    Sunday, 18 September 2022Halidon (Track Rating: 6)Race 6 (BM-54)#3      Bignota Dylan Caboche10thPP
    Monday, 19 September 2022Pakenham (Track Rating: 3)Race 2 (3Y+MSW)#12      Moko Damien Thornton2ndFF
    Tuesday, 20 September 2022Warracknabeal (Track Rating: 7)Race 2 (3Y-MSW)#1      Field Of Flutes Linda Meech1st$1.4FF
      Race 3 (3Y+MSW)#5      Champagne Witness Dean Yendall2ndPP
    Wednesday, 21 September 2022Canterbury (Track Rating: 6)Race 7 (BM-78)#10      Capo Strada Sam Clipperton2ndPP
     Doomben (Track Rating: 4)Race 3 (FM-C3S)#6      Highly Ambitious Michael Cahill10thPP
    Friday, 23 September 2022Benalla (Track Rating: 8)Race 3 (BM-64)#2      Elveena Hannah Edgley8thPP
    Saturday, 24 September 2022Longreach (Track Rating: 3)Race 8 (CL6-SW)#12      Sacred Stream Brooke Richardson8thPP
     Newcastle (Track Rating: 7)Race 8 (BM-64)#2      So Good So Cool Keagan Latham2ndPP
     Rosehill (Track Rating: 5)Race 5 (BM-88)#16      Finepoint Kerrin Mcevoy1st$5.2PP
      Race 7 (FM-G2)#8      Espiona James Mcdonald4thPP
    Sunday, 25 September 2022Naracoorte (Track Rating: 8)Race 3 (3Y+MDN)#9      Final Jedi L Neindorf8thPP
     Sunshine Coast (Track Rating: 5)Race 5 (CLS4)#6      Wine Not Roses J Cornish4thPP
    Monday, 26 September 2022Belmont (Track Rating: 5)Race 6 (MIN-52)#7      Rommel’s Jeuney Brad Parnham1st$3.2PP
    Tuesday, 27 September 2022Grafton (Track Rating: 7)Race 6 (BM-66)#4      Wuddacuddashudda Ben Looker4thPP
    Thursday, 29 September 2022Kalgoorlie (Track Rating: 4)Race 7 (LISTED)#9      Let’s Galahvant Natasha Faithfull1st$5.8PP
    Friday, 30 September 2022Moonee Valley (Track Rating: 5)Race 8 (MSB-70)#3      Viviane Craig Williams9thFF
      Race 9 (BM-64)#11      Outback Action Luke Nolen1st$1.5FF
     Moruya (Track Rating: 10)Race 5 (BM-58)#7      Defcon One Jeff Penza1st$1.9FF

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