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Snake’s D’n’A

12 months in the making

It has been 12 months since Snake’s Eye started collecting data and formulating formulas to regularly find winners. And over the past 5 months since we started releasing our tips Snake’s Eye has proven itself as an effective tipping tool. Whether laying single bets or multi bets, you would have been pleased with the overall results.

However, we are always looking for ways to improve our returns. And we believe we have found a feasible method.

Snake’s Eye has consistently been able to find winners. Sometimes we’ve hit a hot steak and other times we’ve had a rough week. But the one thing we have become confident in is our ability to find winners on a regular occasion. And this gives us an opportunity to punt with the confidence that if one bet loses the next one is more likely to succeed. With this confidence, we can punt in a way that limits our chances of losing. And if we don’t lose, we can’t not win.

Double and again

Let’s see how we can bet in a way that minimises our chances of losing.

Let’s say we bet a dollar on a horse to win, but it lost. We are now negative one dollar in the bank. For the next horse we bet $2, double the original stake. It loses also. Now that’s minus three dollars. For our third bet, we bet $4 (again double the previous stake) to win and it salutes paying a $4 return. The overall result is a total investment of $7 and a return of $16. Despite losing 2 out of 3 bets our return is still 230%.

It’s a simple strategy we call “Snake’s Double and Again” (Snake’s D’n’A).

Let’s see how this looks for more losses in a row. Say we lose 7 bets in a row. That’s stakes of $1, $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, $64, and finally $128 before we find a winner.

Again our winner pays $4. That’s a total stake of $255 and a return of $512. Again a return of over 200%.


Nate M

“…Snake’s D’n’A, it’s methodical, repeatable, and the decision-making is objective. Results backed by data, can’t ask for more than that..…”

Matt H

“…The results have been nothing short of sensational and it also a lot of fun!...”

Ryan K

“…Snake’s D’n’A is not just betting; it’s calculated risks, smart strategies, and the joy of cheering on our investments!…”

The winning factors

Is this strategy fraught with danger? It can be, because those stakes can get out of hand very quickly and if you can’t afford the next stake, you go bust. But we have been able to make this work for two reasons.

  1. The first reason is that Snake’s Eye finds winners regularly enough to ensure those stakes don’t get so out of control that we can’t afford the next stake.
  2. The other crucial reason it works is we only bet on our Profitable Ponies (horses that are paying $3 or more). This ensures a win will always near double our overall stake, making up for our previous losses and more.

Since we started releasing our tips in April 2023, the biggest losing steak we have encountered has been 15*. If our stakes started at 10 cents, our 16th bet would be $6553.60. That would make our total stake in those situations just shy of $13,000. Again if we found a $4 winner, our return would be $26,000 (200% ROI).

History doesn’t always repeat itself, however, if we started this approach in April (5 months ago) starting with a kitty of $10,000 and an initial stake of $0.10, our current kitty would currently stand at $54,300** (as of August 31 2023). That’s over 500% ROI in just 5 months.

Click here if you would like to view the historic bets and see how the kitty would have grown using this strategy.

* Tips do not include Tuesday’s Roughies or any tips with current odds of less than $4.00.
** Based off Top Tote payouts

Time to invest

With this all considered, we want to invest in this strategy and see how far it can take us. But to do so we need starting capital. We are proposing a starting balance of $10,000. This gives us a big enough balance to ensure we can continue to stake bets if we encounter a large losing streak without going bust or having to reinvest.


Snake’s D’n’A placed is first bet on the 14th of October 2023. At the time of this update (2nd of February 2024), Snake’s D’n’A investors have turned their initial investment of $500 into $1,205. Thanks an ROI of 141% in a little over 3 months.

If you are interested in investing in this strategy, please read the details below.


Nate M

“…My ROI in just 4 months has been well beyond all my expectations…”

Ryan K

“…Snake’s Eye’s ability to find winners is unmatched. And the roller coaster! The rush you get on a string of close seconds and thirds while watching the stakes double – then you hit that winner at a $1000 🤯 –  it’s a thrilling ride...”

Clayton M

“…I invested in Snake’s D’n’A because it was a unique betting strategy and totally stats-driven, which I love!…”

Investment details

Snake’s D’n’A details are listed below.

  • A total investment pool of $10,000 is required to initiate the process. If the total can’t be raised all investments will be returned in full.
  • All investors (unless requested otherwise) will be added to Snake’s D‘n’A WhatsApp group to discuss everything D’n’A.
  • Snake will place all bets on everybody’s behalf.
  • All bets will be placed via the Betfair Exchange and details will be passed on via the WhatsApp group and email.
  • All bets are identified through Snake’s Eye’s Profitable Poines (min $3 current odds, not including Tuesday’s Roughies) and will be emailed to investors every morning.
  • All bets less than $150 will be placed using BSP. Bets over $150 will be placed using a combination of fixed odds and BSP.
  • Stakes are shown in the table below. This staking strategy has been identified as having the most balanced Risk vs Reward return. This strategy is subject to change at Snake’s Eye’s discretion.
  • Snake’s Eye does not guarantee any winnings. The possibility of losing all your investment is very real. Only invest what you can afford to lose. 
  • By investing in this strategy, you acknowledge you could lose all of your investment.
Losing Streak Stake
0 $                   –  
1 $                   –  
2 $                   –  
3 $               1.00
4 $               2.00
5 $               4.00
6 $               8.00
7 $            15.00
8 $            30.00
9 $            60.00
10 $          120.00
11 $          250.00
12 $          500.00
13 $      1,000.00
14 $      2,000.00
15 $      4,000.00
16 $      1,000.00
17 $      1,350.00
18 $      1,800.00
19 $      2,400.00
20 $      3,200.00
21 $      4,250.00
*stakes subject to change

FEEs & PAY Day

  • Payouts will be available upon certain kitty milestones, for example when the total kitty reaches $30,000. Payouts will occur at Snake’s Eye’s discretion in order to protect all investors from too much risk.
  • Payouts are optional and investors can keep their money invested in Snake’s D’n’A if they choose.
  • At each payout Snake’s D’n’A will be open to new investments and investors share of the kitty will be rebalanced.
  • Fees: Snake’s D‘n’A fees are 20% of all monies paid out. .
    Example: If an initial investment of $500 turns into $2,500, and an investor decides to be paid out $2000, Snake’s Eye’s fee will be ($2,000 x 20%) = $400, Investor is paid out $1,600 and keeps $500 invested.
  • If no money is paid out, ie we go bust, no fees are collected by Snake’s Eye. Snake’s Eye will only collect fees when investors win.
  • Snake’s Eye does not guarantee any winnings. The possibility of losing all your investment is very real. Only invest what you can afford to lose. 
  • By investing in this strategy, you acknowledge you could lose all of your investment.

If you would like to invest, please click the button below and submit your investment. Minimum invest $500. If you would like to invest more than $500, please increase the quantity of the $500 investment.

If you have any questions, please email Snake’s Eye directly.



Ryan K

“…I was drawn to Snake’s D’n’A’s meticulous data-driven approach, collecting data, fine-tuning formulas, and consistently finding winners…”

Clayton M

“...It’s a different way of punting and it’s bloody fun and rewarding.…”

Matt H

“...It’s a thrilling experience. The slow and steady climb builds the excitement and the wins are celebrated in great fashion!...”